Eric Drobotij
Web Developer

Who I am

I grew up in Mt. Lebanon, a suburb a few miles south of Pittsburgh. My interest in technology started quite early. At 13 I built my first custom desktop PC, and at 14 I took my first programming course using QBasic. I took some programming classes throughout high school, including a basic web design course for HTML, and some Visual Basic courses.

After high school I attended Mercyhurst College (now Mercyhurst University) in Erie, Pennsylvania. While I was there, I received my B.A. in Graphic Design and a minor in Web Development. In addition, I competed on the Mercyhurst College baseball team for four years as a starting pitcher.

What I do

I am currently employed as a UI/UX engineer, which means I'm mostly focused on front-end web development while sometimes contributing to our back-end API code and microservices. Also, my role includes leading design initiatives that are focused around consumer facing tecnologies such as mobile apps, websites, and web apps.

We're currently maintaing a web app built in AngularJS, and I'm leading the charge in architecting a web app from scratch using the latest version of Angular, including libraries for resuable UI and data visualization components, and API integration services.

Where I am

Currently I'm living in a town just south of Pittsburgh. I currently work at Diamond Kinetics as a member of the development team. We focus on building software and digital solutions around the integration of sensor technology in Baseball and Softball equipment, mainly bats and balls.

In my free time I'm usually with my wife, two kids, and dog having fun around the house, being outside, or going somewhere for the kids. These days my personal hobbies consist mostly of cooking, trying to stay in shape, playing baseball in the summer, watching Pittsburgh sports, and playing video games (mostly VR these days).